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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from MACEC?

Here at MACEC all of our dogs are our own personal dogs. None of our dogs are here just for breeding. Our dogs live in our house, sleep in our beds, and live a luxury life. We don't do this to to "make a quick buck", we do this because we genuinely love this breed and couldn't imagine our lives without them. There is no other breed that compares in our eyes!

How big do mini & toy Aussies get?

Mini Aussies are 14''-18'' inches tall measured from the top of the shoulder to the floor. Mini's generally weigh between 20-35 pounds, depending on bone structure. Toy Aussies are 10''-14'' inches tall measured from the top of the shoulder to the floor. Toy's generally weigh between 15-25 pounds depending on bone structure. Here at MACEC we do our best to estimate each puppy's end size, however, there is no perfect science to it. We cannot guarantee any sizes of our dogs. A puppy can end up bigger or smaller than expected and the weights and heights are just estimates.

Are mini & toy Aussies good with children and other pets?

Absolutely! This breed makes excellent family dogs. With a great temperament, high intelligence and train-ability, and not to mention stunning looks these dogs are everything you could ask for! Mini's and toys are big enough that kids won't break them and small enough that they won't break the kids! However, like any breed they do requiring training. We make sure every puppy is socialized and has basic foundation, but that responsibility transfers to you once they leave us! As always, we ask every customer to do their own research on the breed before committing to purchase. 

Do you ship?

Yes! We do ship our puppies via flight. However, we are not requiring buyers to fly puppies back as carry ons and not cargo. The Maryland weather is too unpredictable and often conditions are too hot or cold to put a puppy in cargo. We do not feel comfortable shipping our puppies cargo anymore in light of events happening with airlines. Buyers must themselves fly to pickup puppy or hire a flight nannie. All of these things are responsibilities of buyers. 

Can I come meet the litter and pick out which one I want?

Due to unfortunate decisions of past prospective buyers, we do not allow deposit holders to choose puppies in person. Strangers making careless decisions and placing our puppies health and well-being at risk will not be tolerated. Therefore all selections will be made through phone discussions, pictures, and videos. Very detailed puppy biographies, photos, and videos are sent instead. Videos are taken of each puppy individually and then of them interacting with other puppies. It is a very long and detailed process that has not stopped out buyers from finding their perfect match. At MACEC, we choose to wait until puppies are older in order to match prospective homes with puppies based on personality rather than just color and gender. However, puppies are this time are still very susceptible to diseases and will not take any chances of risking our puppies and dogs health. We kindly ask you respect this and understand is this is a deal break for some. MACEC reserves the right to refuse sale if we feel it is not an appropriate match for you or puppy.

I want to buy a MACEC puppy! What do I do next?

You place a deposit! Generally our puppies are sold before they are even born. Very rarely do we have puppies available to the public. Before deposits can be placed we do require an over the phone conversation to make sure it's a great fit for both puppy and buyer. All deposits are nonrefundable, no exceptions and go towards puppy purchase price. If you are unable to proceed with the purchase we will apply your deposit to a future litter once you are able to proceed. This deposit is to be sent via Zelle. We will disclose more information about this with each individual customer. The remaining balance is to be paid in cash at time of pick-up. No puppies will be released without full payment received. Please message us to inquire about puppy prices. Puppies are expected to be picked up at 8 weeks old. We do allow a small time frame for buyers to pick up their puppies as we understand not everyone can pick up on the exact take home date. If puppies are not picked up within this time frame a $25/day boarding fee will be charged until picked up. This can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. We strongly ask those to please make the accommodations to pick your puppy up within the time frame we allow.

What is included in the puppy price?

Our puppy purchase price includes: first round of vaccinations, up-to-date age appropriate worming, micro-chipped, registration papers, health check/certificate, puppy pack, and life long support/guidance. Once your puppy leaves does not mean you never hear from us again! You have joined the MACEC family which means we are here to give advice every step of the way. It is important to us to establish a helpful relationship between seller and customer! We also offer a 2-year guarantee on life-threatening genetic diseases. Should your puppy within 2 years of purchase be unable to live a functional life, we will replace said puppy with another of same value from a future litter. All of our dogs are tested for breed appropriate genetic defects/diseases. Our health guarantee does not cover parasite, internal, or external, as this is a treatable condition.

I'm interested in a MACEC pup for breeding. Do you sell breeding rights?

On occasion we do offer breeding rights on certain puppies to select breeding programs. This can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Not every puppy will be available to purchase for breeding rights and as responsible breeders we reserve the right to decide which will be offered for breeding. Breeding rights are an additional $500 or pick-pup back.

I want a MACEC puppy, but cannot buy now. Can we put a deposit down on a future litter?

We do accept deposits on future litters, but because we are a small breeder the times we have litters vary. We aim for 2-3 a year, however, it is never a guarantee when our next litter is. We understand that you may want a certain sex/color/etc and since we can never guarantee what we are gonna have each litter, if sex/color/etc. is a concern for you then we suggest waiting on placing the deposit to see what we have available at that time. However, keep in mind we let customers pick in the order we receive deposits. Once all deposit holders have chosen, we open the litter up to the public for deposits. We do our best to remain fair! If you place a deposit on a litter, but decide to wait to meet them to decide, we cannot guarantee which puppies will be available at the time of visit.  You are essentially fore-fitting your right to pick in the order your deposit was received

Do you offer the option to not have tails docked?

No, we do not offer the option to not have tails docked. At MACEC we wait until 4-5 weeks old before deposit holders start choosing. At that time it is far too late to have tails docked (which is done between 2-4 days old). Since some of our dogs go on to show homes we unfortunately do not offer this to those who are looking for puppies with undocked tails. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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