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Meet Jerry & Hailee Domich


There's No Place like Home

Located in Churchville, Maryland, all of the dogs at MAC East Coast benefit from the presence of four seasons. From running to swimming to playing in the snow; these dogs grow accustomed to it all!

We understand that our dogs will be moving on to live and play in a variety of environments; making our jobs important when it comes to introducing them to different temperatures, terrains, animals, and more.

If you have any questions about our dogs or operations, please don't hesitate to contact us!

A Family Affair

With their four dogs Chessa, Bella, Dakota, and Steel, the Domich family shares a life-devoted passion for the Miniature Australian Shepherd. Father and daughter duo, Jerry and Hailee have worked diligently to make MAC East Coast a four-footed oasis!

Inspired by his mother Kay and his love for dogs, Jerry started breeding Miniature Australian Shepherds and has since handed the practice down to Hailee. Teaching Hailee the trade has been a joy of his, and the two have been unstoppable every since!

For Kay's story and list of puppies, see MAC West Coast at

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